Faces come in all shapes and sizes, but generally fall into three categories: round, oval and long term. If you are a woman with a long face, it is likely that you already know. Women with long faces tend to seek extended if they carry long, straight hair, and the shape of the face may give the impression that his eyes are close together. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a long face, or any shape of the face, Yes, but by the long faces are a little more rare more regular oval shape, it may take a little time to learn to do this work of face shape.
Do not try to Fake It
An error that is trying to many women with long faces do seem to have no long faces. In fact, this type of error haunts many girls wishing it looked like another person. One of the real secrets to beauty is to work with what you have, which accentuates your best features and style decisions which are a good option for you. Many fashion magazines and online sources will tell the women with long faces having to apply makeup in a specific way in order to make their faces look like they are more oval-shaped. Some items even go so far as to suggest that two different base shades should be applied to create a "shadow" effect that will make the face look more round!

Long faces are mysterious and sexy
The fact is that this is only the creation of an illusion, and if you start by trying to look like someone you're not, eventually only feel bad with himself when the make-up is clear. Instead of trying to create the illusion of an oval face, you should try to understand how his long face shaped affects the rest of your look and learn to love it. Ask yourself: what are the benefits of having a long face? Women with round faces tend to be cute, cheerful and fun, and women with oval faces can play up the angle of classical beauty time to develop their styles. If you have a long face, is more likely to find mysterious and sexy, so the best thing is to emphasise this aspect of his unique appearance.

Avoid bright colors, clown
In terms of makeup, choose what suits best and makes you feel safe. In general, women with long faces may prefer neutral tones and dark to bright colors as darker shades have a most attractive effect. In addition, if you have a long face, it is likely that you look great in the profile. Girls with round and oval faces can have profiles quite average, but those who have long faces often look great from the side. There are several ways to emphasize in your profile that can take advantage of their natural assets. For example, not be plucking your eyebrows at the outer edge, we will grow toward your ears and you snatch them more inside. This will give you an attractive profile, as well as the minimization of the "eyes-too-close together" effect.

Emphasis on the edges
Here is another tip: try to apply eye shadow a little more toward the outside of your face, and use less mascara eyelashes inside corners. As with the suggestion of the eyebrow above this add drama to its profile and draw attention to the beauty of its elongated face. You can read articles that suggest that it turns a bright base on the cheeks or apply the highest flush than usual. This suggestion is based on the theory that, if you apply blush on top of his face, his face seems shorter. Once again, it may work, but will be only to create an illusion, and runs the risk of look like clown. Instead, emphasize the line of his cheekbones, that make him seem natural exotic. Through the use of its assets in his favor, no matter what the shape of your face, you will look and feel more secure and beautiful.

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