Makeup could change the way people look and feel, by making them feel more beautiful. Use makeup to help accentuate the features of a person and helps focus on the best aspects of a person's face. People with beautiful eyes can use eye makeup, so that it can attract more attention to this aspect. While those with nice lips can apply lipstick and lip gloss, to make them look more interesting. Makeup can make wonders for your skin!
Must Have Beauty Products

# 1-Primer or Foundation
A primer or Foundation should be applied after the cleaned face with oily cleansers, face. Make-up products help make the skin look uniform face in colour tone. However, it is very important that you choose a primer that suits your skin tone, and should not be too bright or dark colors. After the primer or base dries, you can proceed with the application of the rest of your makeup.

# 2-Pencil Eyeliner
Eyeliner pencils are available in a variety of colors, which can be used both on the eyelid or around the top eyelid. There are stain resistant as well as those who look stunning when tercoreng. It looks opaque can help you show off your look, smoky-eyed emo. This is a must have for every bag of makeup. Eyeliners pencil colour colours can be used and coordinated, thus providing a trendy attraction for routine your usual eye makeup.

# 3-liquid Eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner is also come in a variety of colors and is easy to use. Once you get the hang of how to wear make-up, it all feels simple. However, perfected the art of this takes several years. They need to be applied to the curves of the upper eyelids. This is a must have because they make the eyes look larger and more expressive. They also work wonders in giving a more daring look, which is every woman's desire. Always go in for a waterproof version, because it lasts all day, and not get tercoreng.

# 4-Eyeshadow
An excellent shade of eyeshadow can make a world of difference in your overall appearance. Even so, the wrong color that does not match the color of your skin can make you look terrible! So it must be extra careful and seek the help of a friend, to how well the eyeshadow shade suits you.

# 5-Mascara
Mascaras help dark and thicken the eyelashes. This is a very important part of every woman's makeup sets, because sometimes, just to apply mascara without eyeliner, according a chance. When mascara is applied together with a pencil eyeliner, it adds depth to the shape of the eye. Most of all it accentuates your eyelashes, which makes all the difference!

# 6 – Concealer Pencil
This is a must have for those who have dark circles under the eyes in their natural skin tone, and wanted to cover it with make up. It is also good for people who have little wrinkles, blemishes, scars, or blood vessels under their eyes, and do not want to seem too obtrusive.

# 7-Compact
The Compact is such a very thin powder makeup is used to flatten the makeup. Absorb an extra layer of makeup and a sweat, if any. Many people, especially those who have oily skin, prefer to implement compact, rather than using a primer.

# 8-Rouge
A tad rouge instructions can provide a natural blush and make you look happier. This red pink powder must be applied to the cheekbones. Remember that this is not a mandatory part of Your makeup set, unless you think blush is suitable for You.

# 9-Matte Finish Lipstick
Lip gloss will always stay longer, if there is an underlying coat lip stick. Matte lipstick is an absolute must. Always log on to the pastel shades and naked. A red lipstick is always welcome, whether it suits your skin tone.

# 10-Lipgloss
Lip gloss looks amazing and makes the lips look fuller and emphasized. There are glosses with simple layer of Sheen, while some have a little sparkle. The shimmering can be worn to a party or date, and will ensure that you look beautiful.

One very important fact to remember is that you should not overdo your makeup, as it will make you look too dressed up or too old. Second, it would be too obvious to anyone who looks at you, that you are applying too much makeup. Third, even more important that you buy quality makeup products are good, and don't go in for less popular brands or cheaper. The good quality of the product will be safe for your skin. Hopefully, now you know that should be me.