Most women will find it hard to believe that the make-up and beauty products also have an expiration date. What's the harm in looking guilty, night creams are expensive which is a little more than 3 years may do for external applications! Well, for one thing it would be past Prime, in that regard, it simply will not have an effect on your skin. So basically you will only be wiped on a lot of wax on your face. The same is true for sunscreen products and most other applications active ingredients ineffective through the date of use of the shop. Of course, there are several others that can wreak havoc with Your sensitive skin and even cause an infection.

Harmful effects of Using Out-of-date beauty products

Acne patch
The stain on the skin
Discoloration of skin
Eye infections manifesting as watery eyes, eye redness or dryness
Rashes and other allergic reactions

Makeup Shelf life

The U.S. labeling regulations does not make it compulsory to display the expiration date on the product the most beauty makeup. For this reason, many women believe that they may be used forever. Nothing could be further from the truth! So, go grab Your vanity kit and you are sure to find a few things in there that you might want to discard it immediately. Don't feel bad if you haven't used it since bought it last month. Don't let the cost of a product determine the mileage. You may end up spending more time and money in treating the side effects of the use of old, "expiration" product rather than toss it out and buy a new one. The table below is down some common beauty products and shelf life of each for your reference ready.

Beauty/Makeup Product Shelf Life Typical
Mascara 3-4 months
Face Makeup (Liquid: liquid Foundation, liquid/liquid hide, cream blush, eyeshadow, etc) 6-12 months
Face Makeup (Powder form: foundation, powder, pressed powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc.) from 1 to 2 years, depending on usage
Lip gloss and lipstick from 1 to 2 years, depending on usage
Eye pencil, lip pencil 1-2 years, depending on usage
Moisturizing and skin care (including day cream, night cream and anti-aging product) 1-2 years, depending on usage
Brushes, sponges and tools 3 to 4 months, depending on usage
Nail Polish 1 year
Perfume, deodorant 2 years
Hair care products (shampoo, conditioners, oils, gels, sprays, etc.) for 3-5 years

Tips for using Makeup Products in the Safety Threshold

Now, what if you do not remember exactly how many months have passed since you bought the product. Don't worry, if there are no expired or the use-by date which is mentioned on the product and if you do not remember the date of purchase, here are some instructions.

If you have old products but not yet removed from the quality is good enough, you can use it for 3-6 months.
Generally, a water-based product and harbor bacteria susceptible to contamination after opening. If it's the mascara you remember opening more than 3 months ago, just threw it out. When it comes to eye products, it's better safe than sorry. This applies to products that are not "old" as well. If you notice any irritation or redness of the eyes, just discard the product.
Note that we have mentioned the save certain products as "depends on the use of". If you are careful about keeping the makeup and skin care products in dry areas, away from sunlight, they will be less susceptible to contamination. In addition, wash your hands before and after the application of makeup and do not share your makeup (especially the water-based transfer germs fast) with others. Do not dilute the makeup using water or saliva, it increases the chances of infection. If you take care of the requirements of hygiene, beauty products you will have a better shelf life and will likely not cause any damage if you expand their use by a few weeks.
Keep Your applicator clean. It is important to keep Your makeup brushes clean. The sponge should be discarded when they start to become out of date or within one month, whichever comes first.
Alcohol-based products such as hair sprays and nail paint Remover made for long term use and does not pose any danger.