Makeup could change the way people look and feel, by making them feel more beautiful. Use makeup to help accentuate the features of a person and helps focus on the best aspects of a person's face. People with beautiful eyes can use eye makeup, so that it can attract more attention to this aspect. While those with nice lips can apply lipstick and lip gloss, to make them look more interesting. Makeup can make wonders for your skin!
Must Have Beauty Products

# 1-Primer or Foundation
A primer or Foundation should be applied after the cleaned face with oily cleansers, face. Make-up products help make the skin look uniform face in colour tone. However, it is very important that you choose a primer that suits your skin tone, and should not be too bright or dark colors. After the primer or base dries, you can proceed with the application of the rest of your makeup.

# 2-Pencil Eyeliner
Eyeliner pencils are available in a variety of colors, which can be used both on the eyelid or around the top eyelid. There are stain resistant as well as those who look stunning when tercoreng. It looks opaque can help you show off your look, smoky-eyed emo. This is a must have for every bag of makeup. Eyeliners pencil colour colours can be used and coordinated, thus providing a trendy attraction for routine your usual eye makeup.

Most women will find it hard to believe that the make-up and beauty products also have an expiration date. What's the harm in looking guilty, night creams are expensive which is a little more than 3 years may do for external applications! Well, for one thing it would be past Prime, in that regard, it simply will not have an effect on your skin. So basically you will only be wiped on a lot of wax on your face. The same is true for sunscreen products and most other applications active ingredients ineffective through the date of use of the shop. Of course, there are several others that can wreak havoc with Your sensitive skin and even cause an infection.

Harmful effects of Using Out-of-date beauty products

Acne patch
The stain on the skin
Discoloration of skin
Eye infections manifesting as watery eyes, eye redness or dryness
Rashes and other allergic reactions

Makeup Shelf life

The U.S. labeling regulations does not make it compulsory to display the expiration date on the product the most beauty makeup. For this reason, many women believe that they may be used forever. Nothing could be further from the truth! So, go grab Your vanity kit and you are sure to find a few things in there that you might want to discard it immediately. Don't feel bad if you haven't used it since bought it last month. Don't let the cost of a product determine the mileage. You may end up spending more time and money in treating the side effects of the use of old, "expiration" product rather than toss it out and buy a new one. The table below is down some common beauty products and shelf life of each for your reference ready.