Tween is the period of the preadolescence when a girl is between 10-12 years of age. Be in a sublime, looking attractive scenario becomes one of the main concerns of girls. At this age, they are exposed to a large amount of change and get the proper makeup becomes a factor very confusing, since they are unable to decide if it should be adopted independently which will make them see as a teenager or a grown up. Trying to strike a balance, girls tend to go overboard with bright and bold colors that spoil its natural beauty. A makeup that complements a Tween never becomes tablespoons of heavy base, bars, lips and other elements, rather a perfect blend of colours able to preserve their innate beauty and the freshness of this age is much more preferred.
Tips for preteens to look beautiful

Staying beautiful is a complete package that your physical appearance and bodily gestures carry. If you learn to get along to the right at this stage, then they will not suffer of any complexity with regard to its beauty. Looking for friendly include factors that create a positive impression in the minds of viewers and it is a very normal desire for a girl of a few pre-teens to capture everyone's attention.

Skin care tips

External skin brightness could be improved with plenty of advice for beauty care. Follow a natural process to this age and not experiment with cosmetics that promise to make you right. Healthy and radiant skin doesn't require any kind of additional makeup.
Detoxify the system from the inside by the consumption of a large amount of fresh food such as vegetables, fruit juices and raw fruits. If you want to stay beautiful then you have to control the consumption of fried foods, fast foods and junks. Drink plenty of water to produce a natural glow on your face.
Keep your face clean by washing it three times a day. Apply fresh cream mixed with turmeric before going to bed. During the summers, rub your face regularly with ice and slices of watermelon. You can also apply a mask from honey and sandalwood.
Go completely natural, while the care of your body. Massage your body, including the face with olive oil or almond oil before taking bath. You will see the difference in the texture of the skin after a week. These were some natural ways to enhance your natural beauty.

Makeup tips

Never spend your pocket money in the purchase of bases, suntan lotion, dark lipsticks and other materials that make him seem older than his age. Go for nude makeup to stay fresh and beautiful. Your make-up kit should contain loose and eyeliner eyes powder, lip gloss a file.
Define your eyes with kohl and then use a brush of mascara just on your eyelashes. A dark brown or black color kohl is generally preferred. If you attend a party, then you can experiment with blue tones. Draw a thin line of eyeliner to illuminate your eyes.
When it comes to caring for lips in excess, the girls in their tweens should use muted and bright tones. Juicy pink, coral, mauve and lavender are the colors of this age. Keep your lips hydrated by applying balm flavor in it. The natural color of the balsams would maintain the brightness of your lips.
Moisturize your face with products for babies before you leave or otherwise splashing water of roses before leaving. Sprinkle a little powder loose on it. You can also apply pure aloe vera gel on your face to avoid sunburn. While attending parties, small imperfections can be covered with a corrector. Glitter cool can sprinkle for shiny appearance.

The Perfect hairstyle

Hair care is an important criterion for looking beautiful. Rinse the hair at least three times a week with a brand premium shampoo. Oil your hair before you wash it and condition it after applying shampoo. This should be your hair care regimen for preteens.
Not spoiling with your hair through your exposure to harmful chemicals and the use of hair dryers often. Rather get a hairstyle that will make you look elegant and charming. Go short haircuts in their pre-teens. If you have long hair, and then opt for razor cutting or layers. Curls look naturally beautiful and make a call without worries.
Cover your hair with clips of fashionable with cute and engraved designs. As pre-teens should experiment with the colors of hair accessories. Bright bands of colors, clips for hair, the extensione