Middle School is a time when you are exposed to too many changes. This sudden transition from a child to a teenager is a little difficult to digest what you can do to fit a little overwhelming. Among all the things that you have to pick up the pace, have good appearance is certainly one of them. It is natural to worry about their appearance, wanting to look better, and to capture everyone's attention. Now, before the end of following the herd and looking like any other girl, take a look at some of the tips of beauty we've put here up for girls in middle school.
I am naturally beautiful in the middle school

Apart from the psychological effect entering middle school has about you, your body also undergoes many changes. Many of you might soon face outbreaks of acne, stretch marks on your arms if it happens that they soar suddenly, and some of you may start to lose all the fat puppy that you may have had. Be prepared for these changes will help cope with a little better. If you think you're ready, here are some great beauty tips that save you the view of natural beauty.

Pay attention to your skin
You have to take care of your skin, since it is at a very sensitive stage. You have to give a little in daily food with natural products, in a way that you can use as little as possible to show off beautiful makeup. Try these methods to keep that light skin:

Give your body a light massage of olive oil a day. No, there is no need to go 'ew! or "disgusting!" The idea is to keep the skin hydrated and elastic, so they are less likely to develop any defect or stretch as your body changes. You will have a beautiful body that falls to slowly blossom into a beautiful girl.
If you have acne, make an effort to apply a little gel of aloe vera in the face every day. Not only it will help reduce these terrible outbursts, it works as a natural sunscreen. This means that no it will be developed as freckles as you would have if you cared not.
At least twice a week, make a paste of 2 tablespoons chickpea flour, 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and lemon drops and apply it on the face in the manner of a scrub. Allow it to sit for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Reduces the growth of facial hair and keeps skin clean and bright. If possible, rub his body with him at least once a week. Once again, the hair growth in the rest of your body will begin to slowly decrease.

Don't forget your hair
Soon you begin to take care of your hair, more manageable it will be later. Once again, you don't have to resort to costly chemical laden products to keep your hair shiny. Simple homemade hair products will do the trick for you.

Oil your hair at least twice a week olive oil and leave to act for a minimum of half an hour before the shower. Give massages to your scalp thoroughly and coat your hair with a little oil from root to tip. Wash with a mild shampoo. It keeps clean the scalp and the hair free of split ends or dryness.
Those of you who have oily hair should use a mild shampoo without heavy chemicals, and the monitoring of washing with a rinse of the juice of a lemon diluted with a glass of water. This will prevent your hair look soft and beautiful. Use the lemon rinse twice a week. Don't overdo it as lemon has bleaching properties and can lighten the color of your hair.
Do not store your hair brushing. If you are prone to have an oily scalp, your hair will be flat after brushing. If you have dry hair, it will be more crooked if you keep brushing.
Used as accessories for the least possible hair. They weaken your beautiful hair and breaking the hair very easily.

Hair and makeup tips for girls in middle school
Obviously, this is probably the part you've been waiting for for the majority. Ideally, the middle school girls should not apply makeup because the skin at this age is very sensitive. However, if it is necessary, then here are some tips to keep on hand. Remember to first try these tips at home the weekend with the help of her mom. If you should, go ahead and take the best look at the school.

Apply a coat of clear lip gloss for shine on the lips. If you can avoid it, try to apply a lip balm with flavor. Adds color, brightness, and keeps lips protected.
For the eyes, apply a very thin line of eyeliner. To give volume to your lashes, it is preferable to use a tra lash mascara