If you're looking for acne skin care tips, most medical professionals will suggest that the people affected with acne must start to take care of themselves through the improvement of their skin condition.

Acne, as you no undoubtedly know, can be a severe skin disorder that has affected hundreds of thousands of people all over the world physically and mentally. A lot of people feel that since they can only see acne on their face, chest, neck, or back that it's only a skin problem, but the truth is it is more than just that.

Over the past few years, a large amount of skin care professionals and acne experts have researched many different ways to prevent the formation of acne. Fortunately though, these specialists have come out with a ton of different skin care tips that can be a big help in dealing with acne problems. I have chosen three of the simpler but more powerful acne skin care tips, that you can use starting today to clear your skin up.

Acne Skin Care Tip 1: Wash Your Face Twice Each Day and Very Gently.

Some experts suggest that you should gently clean the affected area twice a day with a mild cleanser, I recommend Cetaphil as it is made for people with sensitive skin. I know it seems real simple but this tip alone can be very beneficial when it comes to fighting acne, since you will be washing away excess oil and bacteria off of your face, back, or neck. Also, you may have been told that you should scrub your face, this is false as it will only worsen the condition by irritating your skin and allowing the affected area to potentially get infected.

Acne Skin Care Tip 2: Refrain From Frequently Touching Your Skin.

Another helpful tip is to avoid touching your skin too often. Don't pick, squeeze or pinch your pimples since this will only make matters worse. A lot of people feel that this step alone is the most important advice given due to the fact that they understand that doing the above may cause infection and scars. Also, with this tip you should avoid rubbing and touching your skin lesions as well.

Acne Skin Care Tip 3: Choose Your Cosmetics Wisely.

This last skin care tip is great for women who wear a lot of make-up, as some cosmetics aren't acne friendly. While searching through your make-up bag make sure that all of your foundation, eye shadow, blushes, and moisturizers are oil free. The last thing we need is to have our make-up clogging our pores and causing more build up of acne. With this you should also make sure that you avoid oily hair products as they may cause your comedones to close. The best bet is to make sure that you are using products with the "noncomedogenic" so that you don't run into this problem.

I know that it can be hard to come up with the right way to handle acne problems. But sometimes we just need to realize that some of the basic things can do a lot for us. Try these tips and have great looking acne free skin.