It seems every body wash commercial you watch these days has a skin care tip that involves using their product.  Today I bring you 5 skin care tips that truly work.  I am not selling anything, and am not asking you to try my product.  I simply want to offer you 5 ways to a truly healthy and wrinkle free complexion. 

Tip #1 - Go organic 

Most skin products are laden with chemicals.  Alcohols, dyes, fragrances, petroleum, all are likely in your products, and all are actually unhealthy for the skin.  Most of these products dry your skin and strip it of its protective layer.  In addition, these chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream through your pores.  The best skin care tip I can offer you is this; if it is not safe to eat, it is not safe to put on your skin. 

Tip #2 - Check the research

Look into the company that makes your product.  Ensure that there is scientific research to prove that their formula really works.  This does not mean to accept an actor in a commercial saying that his wrinkles are completely gone.  Make sure that your company has found ingredients that are proven to give real results.  A company with a strong product will gladly explain to you exactly how and why their product stands above the rest. 

Tip #3 - Find the difference

Not all products work.  This is something you have likely figured out by now, so why accept a product with the same ingredients as all the others?  If a company promises you a miracle because their product has oatmeal or some other food, keep looking.  There are products available right now that use the latest scientific breakthroughs, such as Kaolin, which removes excess oil without disturbing your skin's natural coating, or Functional Keratin, which reduces wrinkles and restores elasticity to the skin. 

Tip #4 - Beware of synthetics

Many skin care products use synthetic versions of skin proteins, such as keratin, which sound excellent but are actually completely unusable to the skin.  Be sure that the product you are looking at uses a completely natural and active form of proteins. 

Tip #5 - Check the web

Most of the products in the store are made of chemicals and synthetic materials.  Think of it this way.  A store makes an average of fifty percent or more on a product, that means if you pay three dollars for a body wash, then the store paid less than a dollar fifty.  Take away packaging, shipping, and company profit, and you are buying a product that likely cost mere pennies to make.  Are you going to trust your skin to a body wash that cost pennies?  Try searching the internet for companies that use high quality ingredients, real scientific research, and do not have store fees.  You are much more likely to find a quality product. 

Hopefully, these skin care tips can put you on your way to a healthier and younger looking complexion.  Keep these things in mind, and share them with a friend.  It is worth far more to buy a bottle of high quality ingredients from a company that will spend your money on researching even more effective products than to give your money to a store and a company that thinks your skin is worth a few pennies.  With really reputable companies typically offering money back guarantees as a sign of good faith, what have you got to lose?