It almost seems like everybody on the planet wants to give you a good skin care tip. Not all skin care tips are created equal though, so beware. Some of the things that people will tell you to do may actually do more harm than good.

What I am here to do is to offer you a sensible skin care tip or two that won't hurt your skin in any way, I am also going to provide you with some guidance as to what commonly encouraged practices you want to avoid. Let's get started shall we?

One of the best skin care tips that you can ever receive concerns keeping your face immaculately clean. This is very important because your face is the one part of your body that is exposed year round, and the elements can take a toll on your skin. The ever rising pollution levels that you encounter on a daily basis are also heavily damaging.

A good skin care tip would be to clean your face no less than two times every day, once in the morning and once at night. This is necessary because the pollutants will form a pore blocking layer of grime on your face as you go through your day. If you work outside or are regularly exposed to pollutants at your job you may want to wash again mid-day.

A couple of good skin care tips related to these cleanings are in order. The first is to wash your face with an all natural, non-abrasive skin cleanser, and avoid scrubbing the skin in an attempt to get it clean. Heavy scrubbing will redden and irritate your skin, and will stimulate your skin to produce excessive oil.

The second skin care tip is related to the first as to avoiding harsh abrasives. You should strive to stay away from exfoliating agents and peels. Why this fad has become popular is beyond me because it does more damage to the skin that it does good.

I've heard and read time and time again about how good this practice is for your skin, and it's simply not true. What you are doing is removing a naturally protective layer of skin, and exposing the tender flesh underneath to damage that it is no prepared to take. The skin naturally regenerates itself through a process of timely exfoliation, and doesn't need our help in order to do it.

Now I just want to give you a couple of skin care tips relating to moisturizing your skin. There are two commonly used "moisturizers that you want to avoid. One is petrolatum, and the other one is mineral oil. Both are byproducts of crude oil production, and are the same substance as Vaseline.

These greasy formulations will cover your skin with a greasy film that will both attract dirt, and block your pores. They will also cause your skin to become overly dry if you use the products every day, which of course is the exact opposite of what you would expect a moisturizer to do.

Look for a product that contains grape seed or macadamia oil. Both of these oils are closer to the skins naturally produced sebum, and are readily absorbable by the skin.

Finding an all natural product which also contains Maracuja passion fruit extract is the last and the best skin care tip that I can give you, because it actually acts to keep the skins oil production in perfect balance guaranteeing you healthy looking skin.

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