There are hundreds of skin care products flooding the market every month and they all claim to be effective. Here is the best anti aging skin care tip that shall eliminate all the doubts in your mind and shall give you crystal clarity on what is the best option for your skin health.

If you want to permanently get rid of skin aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine line, saggy skin, age spots and dark uneven skin complexion quickly and effortlessly - then the best alternative for you is to find an anti aging solution that contains natural ingredients that counter the primary causes of skin aging. This is the most fundamental skin care tip.

The ingredients are the heart of any skin care product. That is what determines whether the anti aging solution shall be outstanding and effective or it shall be totally futile and useless.

The biggest reason for skin aging is the loss of vital youth giving proteins called collagen and elastin from your skin. They are responsible for giving us firm, elastic, pliant and supple skin.

Here's a quick medical fact. As you begin to age around the late twenties, your skin begins to lose around 1.5% of its collagen and elastin fibers each year. And you don't need to lose all 100% of these skin proteins to get wrinkles and fine lines.

So, that's the reason why we start to lose our skin firmness and suppleness as we start to enter our thirties and forties. And the secret skin care tip for anti aging is exactly the opposite of this.

The secret anti aging skin care tip is that you should find out such natural ingredients that stimulate the production of your own body's collagen and elastin. As the body resumes its abundant production of these vital youth giving proteins, wrinkles and fines lines shall disappear just like an ice cream melts in the sunshine!

Here is another super cool skin care tip that not many people know about - Don't get into the collagen skin cream trap. A lot of people get into this misconception that if collagen is good for the skin health, then using skin care creams with collagen in them shall be good for anti aging and skin rejuvenation.

But, this is far from the reality. Scientific evidence proves that the collagen molecule in skin creams is too large in size to penetrate the skin cells.

And collagen containing pills are also equally futile. Its structure is too complex to assimilate in the collagen matrix found in our body. Thus collagen based creams, lotions and pills are all a sheer waste of money. Stay away from them.

Thanks to innovations and developments in modern medical science, such natural ingredients have been pioneered that work magically in anti aging and rejuvenation. Cynergy TK is one such ingredient that has its origins in New Zealand.

It stimulates natural production of collagen and elastin proteins in the skin. This leads to new skin cell regrowth! It makes the skin smooth, young and radiant. It improves the skin's moisture retention significantly and gives it brand new elasticity.

It is even used by the Hollywood celebrities to maintain their gorgeous young looks, but this is not a skin care tip that they would share with you!

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