If you are searching for the ultimate skin care tip you have come to the right place. Here it is: take it easy. Be careful, cautious, and conservative when beginning any new regimen for skin care. There are many harmful ingredients lurking within the brightly colored and fancifully named product containers in department stores, drug chains and discount merchants. And take it easy on the enthusiasm as well. Too much pulling, pinching and poking will not help your delicate skin look better.

Here are some other useful skin care tips:

Make sure your skin care products do not contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the natural oils in human skin causing a rebound effect of even more oil production. The skin is working overtime to regain equilibrium.

Look for natural ingredients from plant based sources. There are many recent studies that show these ingredients, primarily from fruits and vegetables you will recognize, are full of powerful antioxidants that can reverse the signs of aging and promote cell regeneration.

Avoid fragrance. All fragrances are synthetic and harmful to you and the environment. Many are made from chemicals used in industrial cleaning products! That's an important skin care tip right there. The word fragrance can be used to indicate over 4000 different noxious ingredients.

Preservatives such as paraben can be carcinogenic; don't use products that list it in any form. Read labels carefully. Preservatives are toxic chemicals and can build up in fatty tissues leading to liver and kidney damage.

Mineral oil is bad, avocado oil is good. Natural oils are superior sources of humectants to seal in moisture without clogging pores or interfering with elimination of toxins. Refer to previous skin care tips to be reminded about plant-based sources of high quality ingredients.

Reduce exposure to strong sunlight by wearing a hat, not sunscreen. Sunscreens are not the innocent beneficial products we have been led to believe by expensive ad campaigns. Indeed, some sunscreen ingredients may contribute to increased melanoma rates among young women in the industrial world. Following a previously widely touted skin care tip to wear sunscreen daily is dangerous.

Treat under eye area extremely gently. Eye creams can only help reduce bags and sags if applied gingerly. The eye area skin is very thin and delicate. Don't pull or stretch.

And another crucial skin care tip: buy small containers and don't keep them around in steamy, hot bathroom drawers. High quality ingredients in high volume per container made without preservatives will serve you well in your search for good skin care. Improving your skin is a lifelong commitment, a marathon not a sprint.