It seems as though everywhere you look, somebody has a skin care tip that they are willing to share with you. From television to the magazine racks at the supermarket, there are a million skin care tips to go around. Here are a few of my own.

In my opinion, the only person that you should follow a skin care tip from is your dermatologist. That is his field of expertise, and he truly cares about whether or not your skin remains healthy. Taking advice from anyone other than an expert in the field is foolhardy at best.

Many of the so called experts will advise you that exfoliation is necessary in order to remove dead skin cells, and keep your face looking vibrant. This is one of those skin care tips that you can throw out the window. Exfoliation takes away as many live cells as it does dead ones, and is damaging to your skin.

What a lot of people don't seem to realize is that your entire outermost layer of skin is composed of dead skin cells. When you exfoliate, you are interfering with the skins natural rejuvenation process by removing this layer artificially instead of allowing it to come off as nature intended.

Once you have removed the entire first layer of your skin, you are left with skin that looks as if it is burned. This is because you have actually done damage to yourself. The removal of the layer of skin also leaves you more exposed to the damaging UV radiation, because this fresh layer has always had a layer of protection.

One skin care tip from dermatologists is that you limit your skins exposure to the sun in order to cut down on free radical damage, and to wear a sunscreen where applicable. You need to be careful about the daily use of sunscreens however, because you body naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to the UV light, and to deny your skin this light could lead to a vitamin deficiency.

Not exposing yourself to the sun for an extended period of time is one of the skin care tips that I think is most important. The free radical damage that is done is a major factor in the premature aging of your skin. It is that damage that has caused all of the fine lines and wrinkles that crease your skin as you age.

An excellent skin care tip that will help to protect your skin from being damaged by the sun would be to utilize a formula that combines the antioxidant power of coenzyme Q10 with Natural vitamin E. Properly formulated this duo can act as almost a natural sunscreen, and can repair any of the damage that the free radicals have already caused.

Skin care tips are a dime a dozen, but not all of them are to be taken at face value, no pun intended. The best skin care tip that I can give you is to find an all natural line of products that contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin in the best shape possible.