There seems to be someone on every corner wanting to give you the latest new skin care tip.  Every magazine, tabloid, and infomercial seems to have a million of these skin care tips to offer you.  The problem is that I see and hear things that are not covering the fundamental needs of the consumer.

When I hear these people offer a skin care tip I often cringe.  These people are always offering advice on what to do with your skin, but never letting you know what kind of products you want to do it with.  That is unless they are trying to sell you a product through the infomercial or in print.

Before I go any further along, I am about to give you one of the best skin care tips that you will ever hear.  That is never buy a product that you've just learned about from a TV show or out of a catalogue.  Unless you can clearly see with your own eyes what the ingredients in that product are it is best to leave it alone.

There are also skin care tips given about practices such as exfoliation that simply aren't true.  Exfoliation is bad for your skin, and don't let anybody convince you otherwise.  This practice disrupts the healthy, natural cycle of exfoliation, and exposes skin that is too tender for the elements that it is forced into for it to escape excess damage.

A sound skin care tip would be to avoid any product which contains alcohols or abrasive materials in them, as these ingredients only serve to irritate and inflame the skin.  Your product should contain ingredients that offer a gentle, soothing solution to your skin care problems using all natural ingredients.

One of the best skin care tips that I can give you is to find an ingredient that utilizes only plant based oils and waxes in its formula.  These are much gentler on the skin and much more readily absorbable than the typically used petroleum based moisturizers.   They also will not clog your pores like the latter will.

One skin care tip would be to avoid any products that contained Botox alternatives or animal derived collagen. 

There is actually a natural product out on the market currently that allows your body to replenish its own natural collagen by stimulating the production rate.

Skin care tips are a dime a dozen and you really have to be careful that you don't follow the wrong advice and proceed to do some kind of damage to yourself. 

Never take a skin care tip at face value, and always be sure to do your own research on the subject before you follow someone's advice.  If you do that, then everything should result in happy, healthy, radiant skin.