If you are looking for the most effective skin care tip, then you have come to the right place. The right skin care tips directly from the experts can make achieving a young, beautiful and vibrant skin naturally as easy as a child's play.

The first and foremost important skin care tip is that you need to be careful and aware of what you are applying on your most precious asset - your skin. You should know the contents of the product inside out in order to achieve the best results. I will tell you how to do that.

The gist of most effective skin care tips can be summed up in 2 basic steps -

1) Check out whether the skin care product does not contain any harmful substance that is scientifically proven to cause health disorders.

2) Find out whether the product contains the best natural ingredients that have medicinally proven capabilities in anti aging and skin rejuvenation.

There you have it - The best skin care tip. This shall make you an expert in selecting the best of the best skin care products among the endless list of useless ones. Let's get into some of the details now.

Here are some of the harmful substances that you need to avoid at any cost -

a) Make sure that there is no alcohol in any form in the skin care product that you use. It is found in these names - ethanol, methanol, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohol. It strips out the natural acid mantle of the skin, thus the skin is left utterly dry and has to produce increasing amounts of oils. This causes a big drain on its resources and leads to premature skin aging.

b) Avoid Fragrances. They are made out of synthetic chemicals and are hazardous for overall health. Fragrances can refer up to 4000 separate ingredients. They cause depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and irritability.

c) Widely used preservatives like parabens can cause cancer! They improve the shelf life of the skin care products and also fatten the profits of the product manufacturers. But for you and me, they are of no good. They are used because they are cheap. They interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system, cause allergic reactions and rashes.

d) Avoid mineral oils. They are not to be used on the skin. Instead of that look for natural oils like avocado oil, macadamia oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil. Mineral oils are used because they are cheap. They clog the skin's pores and leave them suffocating for oxygen. They become unable to get rid of toxins and this leads to acne breakouts, photo sensitivity, dryness and premature aging.

Other Vital Skin Care Tips

- Avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Sunscreen lotions offer little help. And be careful while choosing the proper sunscreen creams. Padimate-O (also known as octyl dimethyl) is an ingredient used in sunscreen lotions that turns the energy absorbed by sunrays into free radicals, which may increase the risk of skin cancer!

- Look for such ingredients in skin care products that are organic and herbal based. They are rich in antioxidants and play a key role in reversing the signs of skin aging. They revitalize the skin cells and provide effective rejuvenation.

Some of the cutting edge ingredients that you should be looking out are Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. These scientifically proven natural ingredients have won worldwide laurels for their unique role in skin health and making it young again! They do it by enhancing the body's own production of the youth giving proteins called collagen and elastin.

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