What if I told you that I could give you five simple skin care tips that could drastically improve your skin and how old you look over the rest of your life? Sound too simple?
Here they are.

Skin Care Tip number one - Avoid too much exposure to the sun. Too much sun dries out your skin and does damage that can lead to increase chance of cancer as well as the break down of collagen, a protein in your skin that gives your skin firmness. Less collagen means more wrinkles and appearance of age. In addition the UV rays in the sunlight destroy CoQ10 which is an antioxidant that helps protect and repair skin damage.

Tip number two - Avoid skin care products that list fragrance as an ingredient since these compounds are often chemical fragrances made from toxic chemicals. Why are fragrances needed in products for skincare?

Tip number three - Do not use skincare products that are not safe to be eaten. Since any product placed on your skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream, you should not use products that are not safe to eat. Products containing petroleum based ingredients like mineral oil, or synthetic colors made from coal tar are not something you want to consume and can lead to skin irritation.

Tip number four - Avoid skin care products with chemical sunscreens such as oxybenzone and octylmethoxycinnamate, which have been shown to disrupt endrocine activity. Zinc oxide is a safer alternative.

Tip number five - Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of pure water. If you are not drinking enough water and your body is dehydrated, it is not as easy for your skin to stay hydrated and avoid becoming dry and irritated.

Now it is time to start putting these skin care tips to use. With these simple tips, if you are a man or a woman, you can take active steps to keep your skin looking younger.